The Richie Pryor Foundation makes it’s first donation to the Emarc’s Journey Program.

We are so proud and honored to have the Emarc’s Journey Program be the first recipient of Richie’s foundation.

Autism Groups

There are two different models connected to the Emarc’s autism groups. At their Reading site they focus on individuals with high and more intense needs. Communication is paramount with this group and the use of technology and adapted sign language is incorporated into an individual’s learning and daily activity. A concrete and consistent daily schedule is required. Individuals in this group are usually supported via lots of prompting and hand on hand techniques. The “Journey program “is their second Autism Group that is based in at Their Burlington Site. The model there is similar to their Reading site however here participants have a more varied schedule of activities that include some community trips. A set schedule is important for activities that are

adapted to meet communication, exercise and sensory needs. Individuals in this group usually have lots of energy where movement is a vital component to the day.


Their request for assistive technology for their Journey program was as follows.

A touchscreen laptop w/CD ROM.
Their computer lab can be very over stimulating for the members of journey and lab time is limited to one hour per week.
a quiet environment inside of journey room with only one computer would benefit participants and instructor.

If you look closely at the cloud above the building. What do you see? I asked several people and it looks like a turtle. Richie always gave his mom turtles. This is truly a sign that we are on the right path.

Their daily practice with

*Board maker
* ASL sign language
* safety signs
*Journey program art and greeting card production
*link  internet  to television for autism specific social skill and sensory instruction
* ABA behavior plan reinforcement
* confidentiality and timely documentation with EMARC, DDS, group homes, and families.

The Richie Pryor Foundation met their request by donating a touchscreen laptop with CD-ROM drive that will benefit their members in so many amazing ways. With a special thanks to our dear friend, Maureen O’Brien (Director of Community Relations at Emarc) for matching our donation to provide the program with 2 brand new touchscreen laptops.



Matt Pryor, Prosper Solutions Help Desk Manager

Another special thanks to our wonderful friends at Prosper Solutions  who donated their time and resources to configure and setup the laptops. They also donated a color laser printer to The Emarc in order to fulfill the color printing needs of the Journey Program. We thank them for their continued support of such a fantastic organization.





It was such an emotional day for Barbara, Matthew and I. To help this wonderful organization and their members in Richie’s name. We are so proud to make differences in people’s lives, while keeping Richie’s memory alive and building on his legacy. We know Richie is proud of us as we made a commitment to help as many people as we can in his honor.
Love to all and thank you so much for your donations which makes this world a better place.

God bless everyone because “It’s All Good”.
Richie, Barbara and Matthew Pryor


For more information on Richie’s foundation or to donate please visit us at.

For more information on the wonderful work and the other programs that Emarc has to offer,  please visit their website at



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