Happy 30th Birthday my son.

My dear son.

 You were taken to soon.
I felt abandon by the life that I had once treasured.
My heart was broken.
My pain and suffering became an enormous cross to bear.
Life had no meaning and I lost my purpose.
I was lost in darkness and needed your help.
I prayed for help and a miracle happened.
You answered my prayers.
You gave me hope when I thought all was lost.
You gave me strength when I was weak.
You gave me courage when I was afraid.
You gave me inspiration when I was discouraged.
You lighted my path on my journey of grief.
Your energy enlightened my soul and guided me to my purpose in life.
You taught me to enjoy each day and never sweat the small things.
Because they really never matter.
You taught me to enjoy every second of life and make every moment, magical.
You showed me how to love more than I ever have.
You helped me see who was important in my life.
You inspired me to help anyone in my path.
You were sent from the heaven’s to teach me about life. When I was supposed to be the teacher.
Thank you for all the gifts that you have given me.
I hope that I am making you proud of what I am doing here to help others.
I know you are bragging to everyone. Saying “You see that bad ass down there? That is my Dad!”
I am so honored and proud to have you watching us.
We miss your smile, your sense of humor and your beautiful laugh.
Today is your day for eternity, because You are my Warrior of Life.



Happy 30th Birthday my beautiful angel. We welcomed you into this world on this day 30 years ago at 10:57 am. You left this world too soon and will be forever young in our hearts. God Bless you and enjoy your birthday.  Say hi to the pa’s for us and give Toby a big hug. We love you and miss you so much. All our love, Mom, Dad, Matthew, Herbie and Gizzie.

2 thoughts on “Happy 30th Birthday my son.”

  1. That was beautiful. I too am missing my First grandson today. Still can remember the day you were born and how very happy your parents and I were with your birth. Today, I still see you in my kitchen for the holidays with that beautiful smile and can hear your quick wit that made us all laugh. Miss that big hug. Happy 30th Birthday Richie hope you know how proud and happy you made your family. Love, your Nana

  2. Happy 30th Birthday Richie in Heaven I will always remember and cherish our Christmas get togethers at your Mom and Dads house I had alot of laughs and good times. God Bless Love, Joann and Brian

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