Start the new year out by donating to a special school in need of technology

Hello and Happy New Year from the Richie Pryor Foundation.

We are currently trying to raise money for a special school in Poland that is dedicated to educating children with disabilities. Our nephew Piotrek, who has down syndrome and hemophiliac has been attending this school since he was a child. Barbara and I had an opportunity to visit the school about 10 years ago when we were visiting Poland. The faculty and the children filled our hearts with joy.


My wife and I had the pleasure of spending a day with Piotrek when we were in Poland a couple of weeks ago. We took a walk around the city and had a beautiful and fun-filled lunch together. Gratitude at it’s best.

We have known Piotrek since he was a couple of months old and we have had the privilege of watching him grow up over the years. He is now a fifteen-year teenager with all the curiosity and maturity that comes with it. He loves to sing and dance. His favorite food is pierogis with a Pepsi and for dessert a big ice cream (he doesn’t like the fruit, so Barbara and I enjoyed it). Because of his hemophiliac he receives 14 shots every other day, but you would never hear him complain. He is full of love, laughter and happiness. We are so grateful for every minute we are able to spend with him. The feeling of love that comes from him is miraculous.

During our lunch we had a very professional meeting about his school and what type of technology they have. He told us they have older computers that are used to help them with spelling, activities and learning. Barbara and I will be returning to Poland in February to meet with the school administrators to discuss their technology needs. We would love to be able to present this wonderful school with a donation to purchase a couple of new computers with touch screens to help these beautiful children learn.

Therefore, we are trying to raise $5,000 USD for this amazing school. Which would equal about 17,000 Zloty and go a long way to help these kids.

While attending a Tony Robbins event in West Palm Beach I had the privilege of joining 4,500 people from 81 different countries to donate almost 1 million dollars in a couple of hours to feed people all over the world. Therefore, I have an overwhelming sense of love and confidence that together we can all come together and raise $5,000 in a couple of weeks.

In hopes to generate more donations I will be offering the following incentives with the upcoming release of my book. Warriors of Life, Conquering Grief and Battling your Way Back to Happiness, which will be released in 2018.

  • With each donation over $50 dollars you will receive a downloadable copy of my book.
  • With each donation over $100 dollars you will receive a signed copy of my book as well as two tickets to the book launch gala (date to be determined).
  • Also, with each donation of $10 you will be entered a drawing in which Warriors of Life coaching will be giving away a 90 day look great naked health and wellness transformation program. Valued at $5,000.

One more added incentive: If we can reach our goal by January 25th, you can have a good laugh watching me jump into a very cold and famous lake in Europe to celebrate the achievement of our goal. You may also have the opportunity to see one of my dogs join me for a swim. 

If you are interested in giving a little to help Piotrek and his school, please visit our donation site and in the comments please note that you wish the donation to be used for Piotrek’s School.

God bless all of you and your families. Hope you have a love and fun-filled 2018.
With all our love, Richie, Barbara, Matthew, Gizzie and Herbie Pryor
It’s All Good!

The Richie Pryor Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit and you will receive a donation receipt for your generous contribution.

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