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We have been awesomely busy at the Richie Pryor Foundation helping children and adults with disabilities. While on our three month tour of Europe we were so privileged to be able to spend the day with the children and the staff at  Zespół Placówek Edukacyjno – Terapeutycznych w Bobrowie in Poland. This school provides education to children with disabilities. It is one of only a couple of schools in Poland that offers these wonderful services. Some children come from very away and can stay at the school during the week, so their parents don’t have to commute on a daily basis.

We were so impressed by the amount of love the staff had for the children and how much passion they had for their work. Barbara and I got to visit the various classes where the children learn everything from cooking to art. To be in the presence of these children and teachers was one of the most beautiful things we were so grateful for on our tour of Europe. We even got to enjoy a beautiful meal with the children and the staff.

Barbara and I were so touched by the work they are doing with these wonderful children. Therefore, we asked them what they needed help with. They were looking to provide their children with more dedicated one on one lessons. We were so proud to be able to donate funds to this school for them to setup several labs which will offer one on one teaching that will be equipped with a private classroom and a computer. They will be naming these labs in the name of Richie which we are so humbly grateful for. Richie would have really loved this. To have several classrooms named after him. Brings a tear to our eye ‘s and I know he is watching and is very proud. “You go mom and dad”.


Sometimes we don’t realize how blessed we all are that we are living in a county with such amazing opportunities. Living with GRATITUDE makes us all better people.
We are asking for some assistance to help them build at least 3 or more private classrooms for these private sessions. We would be so grateful if we could present them with another check from Richie’s foundation when we visit next year.

If you feel it in your heart, please support our cause. Click the link below to donate.
Help build a private classroom

God Bless You.

It’s All Good.
Richie, Barbara, Matthew, Herbie and Gizzie Pryor

The Richie Pryor Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit and you will receive a donation receipt for your generous contribution.  

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